Monday, September 3, 2012

Last days of summer

Sadly, summer in Maine is waning. The light is changing and the shadows getting longer. On this morning's Sophie walk along the waterfront, I needed a jacket. 
Lately my sketchbook gets stuffed into my bag only to to lay unopened at the bottom...never seems to be any time as we enjoy the last of these wonderful warm summer days.

 Sunflower bouquet from the market down the street.

My friend Suma CM and her husband Michael came to Maine on a holiday a few weeks ago. After lunch, Michael went on a bike ride and Suma and I went off to sketch. We sat against a building sketching the lobster boats in back of Custom House Wharf just across from where I live. I used a dip pen and ink. Of course it became a mess—ink all over. You can see Suma's sketch here.

 Out for dinner with my friends Mary and Liza at the East Ender Cafe. This is beautiful Liza.

Dinner at a friend's house. The hydrangeas and some other unidentifiable flowers were wilting in a vase of greenish water, but the tomatoes and green pole beans were fresh from the garden and "delish". Lucky me, I got to take home a bounty of these delicious green beans and tomatoes of all varieties that have taken over the garden (along with the weeds).


nanke's stuff said...

I just played "catch up" with your blog and my journey was both fun and interesting. You've been busy with both art and life! Way to go!! nancy

Margaret Ann said...

Your colors simply dance...beautiful artistic sentiments with which to end the season...:)

Stefano said...

I was lurking on your site from time, and even this last sketch is something beautiful. I like a lot your spontanouse and colorful way.

Elsie Hickey Wilson said...

I really love your vibrant, juicy colors!

Melanie said...

Yes! Love the Custom House Wharf sketch. Lovely colour and verve!

Unknown said...

I love those sketches. It so amazing and interesting. Spectacular! Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

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meegan said...

wonderful sketches - i can get so lost in your work (I meant that in a good way) :)

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