Monday, May 20, 2013

Almost "Every Day in May 2013" far...

#3 Something of joy—The gallery where I work and paint

# 4 Socks—The fleece socks I wore everynight on Mt Kilimamjaro

#5 Pine trees—On one of the many islands dotting the coast of Maine

#8 A coffee pot—My beloved latte maker

#9 A lock...or three

#11 Gloves—My fingerless gloves for winter running

#12 The oldest thing in my refrigerator

#13 A pillow

#15 A pencil

#16 Something that scares me—Cheese scares me! Soooooooo good, but sooooooo many calories

#17 Something from a first aid kit

#18 The palm of my left hand

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Every Day in May: Day 2—A favorite sound

Living on the waterfront in Portland Maine, the sounds of the gulls awaken me in the morning as they swoop around the buildings and chase the lobster boats out of the harbor. They perch on the hotel next door watching and waiting and soon there will be baby gulls. 

I watch as they build a nest precariously perched on the slanted roof and stand guard until the chicks are born. The mother gull walks the furry chicks into the shade everyday and then back to the nest at night. When they are ready fly there is a lot of rolling off the roof. I'm never quite sure who makes it...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ever Day in May 2013: Day 1—Something bubbly

It has been such a long since I have done any watercolor sketches so the Every Day in May challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back into it. The last time I did the EDinMay challenge was in 2011.
I absolutely love kombucha (a delicious bubbly fermented drink) but it is crazy expensive. I have started making my own. I have at 2 gallon jug fermenting on top of the refrigerator. When it is ready I bottle it, add some fresh ginger, a little lemon and pomegarnate juice and it is delicious!!!