Saturday, May 31, 2008

sweet chillies

Back from Arizona and my first two days were filled with battling the dandelions that moved in while I was gone. Yikes, they are a pesky bunch! Makes me ponder a condo. With the yard under control, it was nice to spend time sketching with my oils again. Rainy here in Maine so it was a still life in the studio. 

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Every Day in May # 28

A very long travel day home from Arizona. It all started at 4:30 am in Phoenix and ended at 6:30 pm in Portland. I managed to sniff out a Starbucks in Salt Lake City for a quick iced Chai before the long flight to Boston.

Every Day in May # 24, #25, #26, #27.

May 24—We spent a day in beautiful Sedona. This is Bell Rock which is one of the spiritual vortex spots in the area.

May 24—Sketching the Sedona cliffs at lunch.

May 25—Daisy Mountain near my sister's home.

May 26—While my sister, niece and mother shopped, I sat on a bench in the Arizona heat with my dad. These kids were cooling off at a fountain at the Keirland Commons in Phoenix. 

Saugaro cactus and the mountains at twilight in Anthem, AZ.

May 27—Some of the many animals in the yard at my sisters. I freaked when I saw a snake while out running in the morning. I ran much faster after the sighting.

Every Day in May # 23

Every Day in May # 21 & # 22

May 21—A long day traveling from Maine to Arizona.

May 22—Sketching in the car in Carefree Arizona and then home to my sister's for dinner with my family.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Every Day in May # 19—Walking Busta Seaweed

Sophie and I ran into this dog "Busta Seaweed" on our walk the other day. What a great name! Sophie liked him because they could see eye to eye, but he was at least twice as long. For Sophie, it is not always easy being small.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Favorite things—Every Day in May # 16

After a long, cold, dark Maine winter, spring is the most amazing experience. I am in awe of what happens to the landscape around me. You can almost hear things grow. 

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Favorite Things—Every Day in May # 15

Cherries at the market today so I bought a bag. A handful of them rolled around on my work table while I sketched.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

on the waterfront

Quick sketch in town.

Favorite Things—Every Day in May # 14

I love anything mid-century modern. I have acquired several vintage pieces, including this original Noguchi table lamp. The very tall one in the living room unfortunately doesn't fit in this horizontal sketch book.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Favorite Things—Every Day in May # 13

No time today, so I slipped into the garden and did a very fast painting (way too late and too frantic) of my favorite perennial. I love Hydrangeas. This one happens to be one of two that are climbing the walls of my courtyard.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thanks E-J

Got up my nerve with the wonderful Schmincke Prussian Blue and some leftover green from the palette.

E-J sent me a photo of this beautiful orange tulip so I decided to try and paint it. Lost my nerve when it came to the dark background—maybe later. I am enjoying experimenting with the Pentel brush pen for landscapes and flowers and still trying to tackle watercolors.

Favorite Things—Every Day in May # 12

I have had this wonderful 12" Mac laptop for quite a few years. It is the perfect size for traveling. It is also great for crawling back into bed on those cold Maine mornings after I have walked Sophie with a delicious cup of Chai. I catch up on world events, read emails and of course, "blog around" all the wonderful EDM blogs before I start my day. 

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Favorite Things—Every Day in May # 11

This my favorite travel watercolor set. I bought a Schmincke 12 half pan watercolor set that is small to go anywhere and filled with these wonderful paints. I love the bright intense colors of these paints.

Morgan's Rock

This is a quickie sketch of the actual Morgan's Rock off the coast of Nicaragua. It was named after Alabama Senator John Tyler Morgan, who strongly advocated Nicaragua as the preferred location for an interoceanic canal instead of Panama. 

view from Morgan's Rock Ecolodge in Nicaragua

We just got back from a week in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. A lot of traveling and visiting did not leave much time for sketching. We stayed part of the time at an "ecolodge" on the coast of Nicaragua. Three hours from the Managua airport and one of those three hours was on a narrow bumpy dirt road. We tumbled out of the jeep very hot, tired and dusty, but left yesterday with having experienced the most amazing place and meeting such wonderful people. 

Thursday, May 1, 2008

5 more Favorite Things—Every Day in May

I always look forward to my morning skinny Chai or Vanilla Tea Latte. I know it is just a big cup of liquid sugar, but it is so good. I am an addict.

This is my favorite healthy snack. 

This is my favorite not so healthy snack. I rarely succumb to this temptation, because it means a longer gym workout, but I really enjoyed eating this bag last night. Now, I am off to the gym...

My favorite city is Barcelona, Spain. The art, architecture, food and wine and let's not forget the absolutely best coffee in the world. I would give up Chai for that coffee! The Gaudi architecture is amazing. I was in awe and speechless as I stared at his beautiful sculptural buildings. Above is a sketch of the serpentine mosaic bench in the Park Guell overlooking the city.

I have a lot of favorite books, but "The Creative License" changed my life. Last summer I read this book and started to sketch again for the first time since college. As an art and creative director, I sketched layout after layout, selling merchandise for a large catalog company, but rarely when I walked out of the office did I sketch for myself. Joining the EDM group and creating my blog has been such an amazing experience. Not only do I sketch and paint, but I have this wonderful group of talented people that encourages and inspires me, everyday.

5 Favorite Things—Every Day in May

Sophie is my hero. Everyday is a new and wonderful day for her. Her confidence are very "Big Dog"!

Extremely cute and expensive. Gold lame with little rhinestones in the center of each one of those flowers. I'm almost afraid to wear them.

My all time favorite wine, but at $24.99 this wine is too expensive to drink, except on special occasions. We have been known to make a Wednesday night a special occasion...

I love all orange flowers, but orange tulips are my favorite. After orange tulips come orange roses and those wonderful orange zinnias.

Orange is my favorite color. I have orange chairs, waste baskets, a few clocks, a comforter, bath towels, placemats, a colinder, a wooden salad bowl, my front door and much more. I even have an orange cat.