Sunday, September 21, 2008

pack 'em & stack 'em

A quick sketch while drinking tea in my dismantled living room before starting to pack more boxes. The movers come on Thursday to move everything out of my home. The boxes are labeled for storage or the new in-town condo. Luggage packed for Bali. I keep thinking about the boxes I have packed and labeled for storage...what are the chances I will ever open them, again? I mean really, I have one labeled "office supplies" and I have already forgotten what is in it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

packing, packing and more packing

We leave for Bali in three weeks. I spend my days packing and getting rid of all the stuff  I won't need. I am going to have my first ever storage unit for what I want to keep. I can not believe how much one can accumulate, so tomorrow is the big yard sale. Not sleeping much these days and without all my models lying around on the bed, I was left with me as the subject. It has a resemblance of me, but it's not quite right. I have a wide face, but my cheeks look too cherubic. But then again, it was 3 AM. Man, I'm getting old!

Today's highs—Arizona/105° Maine/65°

After a long day traveling, my cats are adjusting to life in the desert. They spend most of their time under the fans or spread out as flat as possible on the tile floor. My sister, who is adjusting two her new housemates, said it cooled down last night to 82°. That's cool?

Back in Maine the days are getting shorter and remarkably cooler. Last night it cooled to 43°. Now that's cool. Sitting outside for dinner and trying to sketch is getting harder as the lovely summer light is going away.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I want to be alone...

With the sun streaming in, Jazzy managed a full body stretch between the back of the couch and the pillow. This cat has no idea she is going on an airplane this Saturday. She and my other cat are spending the day in carriers under our seats. They are going to spend two years with my sister in Arizona while I live overseas . Saturday is going to be a very long day for all of us.