Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Camino di Santiago-100 miles done

14 miles to Los Arcos, Spain

18+ miles to Logroño Spain. We have completed a little over 100 miles. 1/5 of the way.

9:00 am.
The wine spout on our way out of the town of Estrella, Spain.

Almost to Logroño. Dealing with sore shoulders and tiny blister on baby toe...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

El Camino continues...

It is the end of day 4. We have gone almost 60 miles. I'm tired and my shoulders are sore from that darn heavy pack, but I will carry on with my stolen hotel towel. My feet are far...

The sun is shining today and I had just enough energy to sketch the view. Now It is time to wash clothes, shower and do what pilgrims do.

Tomorrow more rain in forecast :(

Camino life

Early morning day 4 of the Camino walk. I am drinking a cup of cafe con leche before we start. Upon reflecting on a few things so far I have done that I am not proud...
1. I stole a pillow from Iberia airlines and then abandoned it a day later.
2. I stole a hand towel from the hotel to use to pad my shoulders from my seemingly heavy pack.
3. I packed too much in my pack so my shoulders hurt.
4. My pack was so heavy by end of day three that I thought I was going to throw up, but instead I peed in the  city park in the walled city of Pamplona.
5. I ate an entire package of digestive cookies : )

Abandoned Art!!! Sketched Michael at his tarvern in Ziburi and gave it to him. He was so was I.
Gracias Michael!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Camino day 2

A day in St Jean Pied de Port to register for the Camino and then a walk around town before we start our walk. The Pyrenees surround this little village so it was much on our mind that we would be going over them tomorrow. 15+ uphill miles with a 90% chance of rain and thunder showers...

Auberge in St Jean Pied de Port.

"Art Abandoned" in cafe where we had dinner. A customer across the room, then we quickly left.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Camino di Santiago-Day 1

After 24 hours we made it to Biarritz France. A lovely seaside town with great vistas, shops and cafés. We sat in the garden of the hotel and I sketched this view then off we went in search of a cafe for dinner.

Found one!!! The most delicious dinner at Cafe Jean.

"Art Abandonment". Quickly sketched while having a cafe au lait and then left on the table.

This guy was serving weary travelers cafe con leche at the bus station in Bilbao Spain. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Art Abandonment"—the last before walking the "Way of St James"

My final "art abandonment" before I head off to walk the Camino di Santiago. As I did the last errands before I leave, I was able to drop off a few sketches around town.

Trader Joe's Portland Maine

The Mad Apple Cafe Portland Maine

Scratch Bakery at Willard Beach, South Portland Maine—they put up it on the wall :)

Crema Coffee Company Portland Maine

My last hair appointment for 5 weeks...

I can't imagine what my hair will look like…

See you on the "Camino di Santiago"

Friday, April 18, 2014

El Camino di Santiago—500 miles in 35 days

El Camino di Santiago—500 miles in 35 days. My very good friend and I will be walking the "Way of St James" starting April 21st—YIKES in less than a week we climb on a plane to start our journey.
We start our pilgrimage in St Jean Pied de Pont, France, over the Pyrenees and across the plains of Spain to Santiago de Compostela.
My pack is a little heavier because of my "sketch kit" so she is carrying the "medical kit" (Band-aids and tape). I will be sketching everyday along the route posting from my iPhone…well, that's my plan!
Hope to see you along the way.

Three days until I leave for my pilgrimage. I did a quick drawing last night of my sketch kit which is adding weight to my “sketchimage”.

We start our walk in Jean-Pied-de-Port France at the base of the Pyreness on April 24th with a 22.7 km (14+ miles) hike over the mountains to Roncesvalles. All my stuff is out on the living room floor for another opportunity to lighten my pack, but I can’t see where I can do that!!!

We got pedicures yesterday to get our nails trimmed short for being in hiking boots day after day. I can only imagine what my feet will look like after 35 days in hiking boots…

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Art Abandonment

I just bought a new house and with the move I have purged and consolidated. I have a shopping bag of water sketches that I have done over the past few years. They are now being abandoned around Portland Maine.

EMS buying trekking pole tips for my trip

 Broadway Gardens

 IGA for a quick drop in for skim milk

  Broadway Gardens

 Fish & Bone pet store

  Starbucks for a macha green tea Frappaccino

   Le Roux Kitchen for glasses

Cherished Possessions dropping off consignment items