Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last portrait class study

22" x 30" graphic stick

I have been a little under the weather lately and didn't have much energy for the last portrait class I took this fall quarter. Two models seemed daunting.

I had just been to The National Gallery in Washington DC where I had spent time looking at the work of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. He was masterly at capturing groups of people and crowd scenes in which the figures are highly individualized. So with these two models I tried to achieve that feeling. They were actually sitting further apart with space in between them but I decided to draw them closer together. I liked the way his light skin profile worked against her dark skin.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Washington DC—Day 2

My second day in DC and just as cold as the first one. Back on the Metro to the Smithsonian and almost everyone is alseep.

I spent sevral hours exploring the exhibits in The Museum of American History. One of my favorite's was Julia Child's "Bon Appetite" exhibit. She was such a pioneer. She donated her kitchen to the museum where it was recontructed exactly as she had it in Cambridge Massachusetts, minus the asbestos linoleum. I stood for quite a while watching monitors of her old shows. What a great spirit!

Card # 3233—The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum where I was absolutely awed by the story that was told as I made my way through the four floors of the building. As you enter the elevator to start at the top floor you are given an identification card. My card was # 3233 belonging to Holocaust survivor Magna Hellinger telling her story. Though all the museums are spectacular this one is truly an experience that is unforgetable.

After six hours I was back on the Metro. Suddenly we stopped and were told to get off because of problems with the brakes. We all filed off and everyone drifted across the plarform and got on the orange line. I was troubled since I knew the blue line would take me to my hotel. Why was everyone getting on the orange line and where was it going? I stayed back and waited thinking I could get a cab if all else failed.

Eventually a train for the blue line showed up and I made it safely back to the hotel.

Another great day in Washington DC with my crappy sketchbook. I know better now!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Washington DC—Day 1

I had never been to Washington DC until last week when Jerry was attending a sustainability conference so off I went to our nations capitol. I arrived on Sunday and by Monday morning when I headed to the Smithsonian Mall a cold north wind had arrived and with the windchill it was 0°.

After figuring out the Metro system where many people are sound asleep, I was off to experience the Smithsonian. It was so brutally cold that most of the famous outdoor sights were a quick walk by.

Sketching at the fabulous and most interesting Museum of Natural History.

After hours at the Museum of Natural History I faced the cold and headed off to The National Gallery.

At the end of the day, a quick sketch at the National Gallery before finding my way back to the Metro station.

On the Metro back to the hotel in Crystal City, Arlington Virginia.

All these sketches were done in a 5" x 5" Hand•Book journal that I have had for quite awhile and grabbed as I walked out the door in Maine. The paper is a dingy off-white, quite thin and buckled when I added paint. Not my first choice, but good enough for this sight-seeing event.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Puppy sitting

Sophie and I went out to Cape Elizabeth the other afternoon to puppy sit for Sang, a nine week old Weimaranar. I was rainy and cold, but we ran around and on grass anyway—well they did. Sophie was a little disappointed that Sang wasn't better at chasing her and was more interested in eating mulch.

After growling (Sophie) at the waterdish and a few laps around the dining room table, it was time for a dog break. While Sang slept in his crate and Sophie curled up on the couch staring at me with that "what is that creature in the crate" look, I sketched the rainy and cold view.

Running around

After an 8 mile early morning walk I sat down at my messy corner of the dining room table to sketch my sneakers. Since I am starting the "holiday clean-up", I decided to sketch my arty clutter one more time. Some would consider this a down right mess, but not me. These are some of my best friends.

There many miles on my favorite running shoes. I may be time of a new pair.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good intentions

I bought a bag of cranberries with the good intention of making some kind of holiday cranberry thing. Of course, that never happened so I painted them.

Scattered—140 lb rough watercolor paper

Cluster—on Yupo

Bowl—Moleksine watercolor sketchbook

Strung—140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper