Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sampai jumpa Bali

Buah untuk dijual (fruit for sale)—On my second to last day in Bali, I walked to a pharmacy located out on the busy highway, then winding my way back home along side streets and eventually the beach path—one last time. There are tiny little markets tucked into every nook and cranny along every street. This one selling fresh fruit piled high.

The food in Indonesia is absolutely delicious, but sometimes we just want a good old American meal. When that urge hits we usually head to the Kalimantan restaurant owned by an American expat friend, Bob Kendall, who we met when we first came to Bali. He always asks for Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix—lots of it. We stuff them into our luggage and then get slather it over our favorite Kalimantan spinach, avocado and shrimp salad on American food night. The wonderful spinach is grown on his land in Bedugal Bali with seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds in Winslow, Maine. He claims they are the best seeds on the planet.

When we leave Bali it is always a huge send off. People who help us everyday come to say goodbye. Pascales, Maria and their two young kids, also Maria's parents visiting from Java and our dear friend Uul all gather, everyone discussing in English and Indonesian caring for the villa, taking lots of pictures and wanting to know when I will come back to Bali. "I don't know", but for now "Jangan lupa untuk memberi makan dan mancintai kucing saya" "Don't forget to feed and love my cat".  It is all very Indonesian—wonderful and chaotic. Then there are hugs and tears and off we go.

Sampai jumpa Bali.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bali—3 more days

Ibu—(Ibu) Most days I run or walk along the beach in Sanur—a three mile paved path dotted with hotels. By midmorning the path is bustling people walking, riding bicycles and motorbikes and locals trying to sell anything to the tourists—food, clothing, jewelry and more. Bamboo warungs (stands) with water, coffee and fruit, push carts with bakso and soto ayam, people selling fresh caught fish or cooking sate and nasi campur over an open fire. There are dozens of ibu's offering massage, trinkets or selling sarongs which are many times carried on their heads. Many recognize me as the daily runner, but still others try to get me to see their wares. I usually just say "Tidak, terima kasih, jalan jalan". No thank you, I am  running. Many respond with "ah sport".

Setiap Hari—(Everyday) I have a cup of Bali kopi. Two heaping teaspoons of coffee bubuk (coffee powder) in a stainless pot. When the coffee settles it goes into a mug with susu (milk). I love the tiny teaspoons they use here.

Kecil Bali kucing— Alittle Bali cat, given to us four years ago by our good friend Uul, to get the mice in the thatched roof of the place we had rented. She arrived in a rice cooker box on a motorbike—all 4 lbs of her and never caught a mouse. When I left Bali two years ago she found three very attentive teenage girls at the villa next door and this summer they were moving. It was time to get my cat back. So after much Indonesian back and forth, I climbed on the back of Maria's motorbike with a zip top duffle bag and within a few minutes she was zipped in the bag and on her way home. She is tiny, mighty and mouthy and spends most days sleeping in the hot sun, howling to be fed or just howling to be noticed. Most of the time we just walk by, shake our heads and mutter "kucing manja"(spoiled kitty)!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bali—one more week

We leave Bali in a week. I am trying to get in as much sketching as possible, but with limited days and so much to do, it is hard to get it all in. I will simply have to come back...

 Morning prayer at small temple.

Pura Tanah Lot. I have sketched this temple many times before. A sacried temple built on a rock accessible only at low tide. I was so fortunate several years ago to attend a ceremony here with our friend Mangku Astika a priest at Tanah Lot.

One of a small group of men sitting around dressed for ceremony.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Bali days

My Agung is the highest peak and still an active volcano on this island island. It is 3,031 meters (9,944 ft) and the most important temple on Bali, Pura Besakih is located high on its slopes. Much of the time it is covered in clouds, but when the cooler drier westerly winds blow this time of year, it is quite a beautiful sight from where we live. 

We are all waiting for the lotus blossom in the pond to open. Checking on it hourly. Mungkin hari ini (maybe today) or mungkin besok (maybe tomorrow) we shrug as we walk away.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Villa Kompass Rose in Sanur Bali

I found a block of Portofino Acquerello left over from when I was last here two years ago. I brushed off the cobwebs and started to wander around Villa Kompass Rose painting vignettes using only a brush and my paints.

It is all so beautiful!
Carved wooden doors at the entrance and "pohon tua mangga" (old mango tree).
The full dragon moon of June 4 standing in the garden.
The two koi that live in the pond between the garden and the living space. They are shy and scurry away when we come close. I call them "The Twins". Maria, our housekeeper, calls them "ikan gemuck"—"the fish are fat".
Sign at entrance and compass rose design in marble.

My three more weeks in Bali will fly by. Too busy to sketch much—excuses excuses!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Beautiful Bali—week one

I arrived in Bali a week ago after two years away. Much of the first week was getting used to the time change, trying to understand what everyone was saying, catching up with old friends and meeting new very interesting people. I was at first completely baffled by this complicated language until it all started to come back to me and then even easier with the help of the Google Translater App! On top of that I came down with a giant Balinese head cold. Made it through an entire winter in Maine then arrive in the warm tropics and I get a beastly cold—hard to figure that one! 
Indonesian remedy for batuk (cough)—do not drink anything cold—only hot drinks. 3 times a day lemon and honey with hot water or fresh ginger tea.

 Balinese ceremony and offerings.

 Afternoon sketching at a beach cafe.

Dinner with friends and time to draw while everyone was talking, drinking and ordering. Jerry's friend Tom has such a great face so I drew him several times.

Dinner at Lestari restaurant in Umalas Bali. Jerry and I with friend Henny from Bali Arts magazine.