Monday, May 25, 2009

Sky study 5.25.09

Today got away from me because I got into trying to paint the Pennsylvania landscape for DSFDF. So, only one sky study today. I was up early so the sun was just coming up over the garden wall while I drank kopi Bali and painted. It was really so beautiful this morning while my crazy little "rent-a-cat" chased geckos in the garden.


laura said...

I love these colors, and the freshness of the way you apply the paint.
I think you'll enjoy the Fabriano paper, esp. if you dislike a too-absorbent paper! (I think it's what Charles Reid uses! A friend of mine who's taken several workshops with him is setting one up in Cape May in Sept. 2010, which I'm going to sign up for.)

A Brush with Color said...

Cerulean blue? I love that sedimentary sky there--just gorgeous and filmy, Jennifer!

Margaret Ann said...

Great washes! :)