Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bali snack addiction

We have become addicted to these crunchy, slightly bitter, nutty wafers, which we buy in bulk and can't keep in the house for more than a day. Rice, corn, potato. I would ponder, as I crunched away? The girl at the check out said they were made from fruit. Fruit? No way!!! After much research, I have found that they are made from the small oval fruit of the Gnemon Tree, which contains a seed that is used to make these crisps known as Melingo Nut Crackers. They are also called Emping or Belingo and they are delicious!!! 
I am right across the street from Hardy's and Jerry is in Jakarta so that could mean Emping for dinner.


Sandy said...

Fruit for dinner, how nutritious of you - they sound intriguing! and I cannot imagine a Hardy's across the street?!?

A Brush with Color said...

Wow--I never heard of it! Sounds interesting. Great image! Thanks for the education.

vickylw said...

They LOOK delicious! Lovely colors mingled so effectively.
Wonder if they sell these at World Market?

jihansis said...

Hello... I've just posted about Emping too :). Check it here: