Thursday, May 1, 2008

5 Favorite Things—Every Day in May

Sophie is my hero. Everyday is a new and wonderful day for her. Her confidence are very "Big Dog"!

Extremely cute and expensive. Gold lame with little rhinestones in the center of each one of those flowers. I'm almost afraid to wear them.

My all time favorite wine, but at $24.99 this wine is too expensive to drink, except on special occasions. We have been known to make a Wednesday night a special occasion...

I love all orange flowers, but orange tulips are my favorite. After orange tulips come orange roses and those wonderful orange zinnias.

Orange is my favorite color. I have orange chairs, waste baskets, a few clocks, a comforter, bath towels, placemats, a colinder, a wooden salad bowl, my front door and much more. I even have an orange cat.


laureline said...

I have a thing for orange lately, too! I seem to unerringly head for the orange thing, when faced with a choice among many objects! Orange is also a dominant color in the artwork I have hanging in my house.
I'm going to check out that sauvignon blanc you sketched, definitely! All of these sketches are charming and cheering.
Bon voyage! I'll be following your blog during my break.

Anita Davies said...

Great theme and wonderful entries...Especially the shoes...Yum!

Christie said...

The sketches are cute and lively, and I'm very impressed with the pace you're setting for the month. Have a great trip!

Sandy said...

Well I love lime green, and orange certainly compliments beautifully. Citrus Girls!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Oh my gosh, you are too good.