Tuesday, February 12, 2008

orange tulips

There is nothing like something orange to brighten a cold winter day.


Sharon said...

I really like the style, color and composition in these three sketches (bowl, sink, tulips). A lot! Are they done with watercolor washes or colored markers? Very nice work.

Jennifer Lawson said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for the comment. The bowl and tulips are done with Pigma Micron pen and watercolor. The sink is done with Pigma Micron pen, marker and watercolor. I am teaching myself watercolor, which I am finding a challenge, but I love the addition of color into my sketches.

brian nelson said...

Yes, they did brighten my day! I spent a good portion of the day digging out from the latest snow storm here in Utah. These are really well done! Great job!

Linda said...

The orange tulips ARE cheery! I just love your style!