Friday, February 8, 2008

Beautiful Bali

In November we traveled to Bali, Indonesia so far, far away. We stayed in Jimbaran, which is a beautiful beach, with resorts nestled into the landscape. Being a dog person, I kept noticing the dogs that ran the beach. They looked much the same—medium size, short hair, pointed nose and ears. There was a large family of black and white dogs and a smaller brindle family. They were very sweet and friendly, seemed to be feed well, good coats and very polite. Busy in the morning, sleeping in the shade at high noon and then very busy in the afternoon into the evening. Every night, as we watched the sunset and darkness fell upon the island, you could look down the beach and there would be dogs curled up for a the night. Close enough to the resorts for comfort, but just far away as to not get in trouble. We found out that they were just Jimbaran beach dogs and did not belong to anyone. They lived as packs and ate fish caught by the fishermen in the village. I made friends with most of them and took pictures of all of them, sometimes more than once. Since returning to Maine, I have sketched many of them from the photos. It's a wonderful way to remember our wonderful time in Bali.


Wendy said...

I go to Bali as often as I can but I always stay in Ubud. The dogs are treated a little better than when I first used to go over 20 years ago. In some villages though, they can be a bit scary. That chair reminds me of many I have sat in - not so comfortable, but at least in Bali the beds are always comfortable.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Stunning. You're fast becoming an EDM star!