Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thank you Danny Gregory

Snowed in again—but look what landed on my doorstep.
After many years of a career in advertising, I knew there was something missing in the feeding and caring of my creative spirit. So in 2007, I bought a sketchpad and a pen and started to draw—I was terrible!!! Looking for some guidance and inspiration I walked out of a local bookstore with “The Creative License” by Danny Gregory and read it cover to cover that day. He inspired me to make daily drawing part of my life. Thank you Danny Gregory for inspiring this “everyday life sketcher”.


john.p said...

I can see we were inspired at about the same time. I also found the works of Dan Price, so between Dan and Danny I was inspired. No pro work in the arts for me but the message is all the same. Sketching means the world to me, too. Always loved your work.

Sonya Batten said...

Danny has changed many of our lives and I think I speak for all of us out there "Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts"
Im so glad to find others who love Danny.

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