Monday, February 2, 2015

"Snowing sideways...AGAIN"

Daily Skethes 2015—“Snowing sideways…AGAIN!!!"

This morning I found mom standing in front of the TV, staring at the weather report. She started suiting us up for our walk muttering “are you kidding me”!!! Snowing sideways and they are predicting we will get 12"-14”. It is 5° but with winds blowing at 20-30 miles per hour it feels like it’s -13°.
After mom took me for a walk she decided my boots are being returned to the store because she has to pull me sliding along on the snow—"Heck, I’m scared"! She then made me pose in front of the mirror for this “selfie”. She says there is nothing else to draw in the house and we are clearly stuck inside until the shoveling begins....AGAIN. (So, what's she smiling about?)


Shirley said...

I LOVE this watercolor painting. The sky, the snow, the fur on your hat and your dog, and especially the glasses and smile!

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

Love it and too funny!
Same weather conditions here, but just less snow with it. My dog has also been armed in boots and coat, and his case we have to get new shoes as he has walked wholes in to his...
Love the painting, really nice done and especially all the fun/hair and the glasses are really well made/

Happy February and snow marching :)

Sharon Chapman said...

AWW Sophie were your ears blowing sideways. You are such a dear to put up with all that white stuff. Soon it will end, I hope.
Love this watercolor. Everything about it is delightful. Great selfie of both of you.

Linda said...

This is a beautiful painting!

Alicia said...