Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fish Tales

After agonizing (I can't help it) through an oil painting commission, it feels good to draw with a twig and ink and splash watercolor on that drawing.


Anonymous said...

Great watercolours, I would love to see a you tube demo. they all look so spontaneous beautifully done lovely colours.

Anonymous said...

Me too, I would love to see how you work so spontaneously. Every day I look forward to see your work, and I a so happy when a new piece is there ! You are the best watercolor blogger I have seen. Beautiful watercolors and such a positive person and inspirational motifs.

Dan Kent said...

There is a lot of energy - and abstract shape here! It's great!!

ArtistLady said...

Yes, I'd d love to see a YouTube demo!! Have you ever made a giclee from your watercolors .... enlarging the image? (I just can't seem to paint on a larger scale ... and have been considering giclees....)
Love your work Jennifer. :-)