Monday, September 8, 2014

Art Abandoned in Portland Maine—September 2014

"Art abandoned in Portland Maine'
Most afternoons I close the gallery for a much needed short break and a little exercise. With art in my bag I casually wander into a store and with nervous stealth-like precision I find an opportunity to place the art, snap a photo and nonchalantly scurry out.

Abandoned at "Art Mart" art store

Abandoned at Longfellow Books

Abandoned at new designer beer store in the Old Port


Robert Cole said...

Cool concept, Jennifer. Would require some enlightenment deeper than ego to just let them go. Love the twig & ink splashed with watercolor. ~BC in Concord

Margarita said...

I would be so happy to stumble over one of your exchequers ...! (Slightly improbable, provided that I live in Spain ...)

Embraces, Jennifer

KRISTINA said...

Your 'abandoned' art is wonderful! Lucky are those who come across them. :)