Sunday, June 1, 2014

Muchas gracias Spain

The sun was out with bright blue skies for our last morning in Santiago. We had a couple of hours to kill before our long trip home so I went in search of my last café con leche. Almost as much as the café con leche, I love the cup and saucer and the little spoon. Sadly, I left my last red lipstick mark on my last cup in Spain.
Muchas gracias Spain. It truly was a “Buen Camino”
(In case you are thinking “that is just so tacky”…I always wipe it off before I leave)


Suma CM said...

Amazing - congrats on the accomplishment Jen!!


I just found you ... You have inspired me .. XooX mo ..

Margarita said...

Hello, Jennifer. My congratulations for having come to the end of the Way of Santiago.
Also I leave my red one of lips in the edge of the cup of the coffee with milk, Jennifer, and also I withdraw it before the waiter takes it to him to wash it... Always your drawings are inspiring for me.

Affectionate regards from Spain

ArtistLady said...

Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. Congratulations! :-)

Jane said...

Of all the things I've read which make me think the Camino is a good idea, I think yours is definitely the most persuasive. The art you have made along the way is wonderful and it's extremely generous of you to have shared it with everyone at the same time as carrying a heavy pack, dealing with rain, communal accommodation, and blisters! Thank you.

Nellie Belle said...

Are you back and ok? I've missed you and hope you are just home and still recovering from your adventure. I look forward to reading the book I hope you will write!