Thursday, May 29, 2014

Santiago, Spain-one last hug for St James

One last visit to the cathedral where I hugged St James...for the second time.
We leave tomorrow after 40 days, 32 of which were on the Camino, it is time to go home. I am tired, ready for my home and my own bed, being back with my sweet little dog Sophie, walking the beach and getting back to the gallery and painting. However, I am already thinking about my next walk/sketch...


Christine said...

It has been very inspiring, Jennifer, to follow along and see your sketches. I am soon going on a week long biking hike in Austria and plan to sketch my way along as best I can.

Susan said...

I can imagine you are ready for your own bed! Thanks so much for your posts along the way. This was an inspiring undertaking. Do I dare ask...what"s

theartistsday said...

I was at Santiago as a tourist last week!
We looked at the pilgrims with respect.
How amazing to come acrhoss your blog. My drawings are all of the sea shore and not nearly so detailed.
Respect Jennifer.