Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Villa Kompass Rose in Sanur Bali

I found a block of Portofino Acquerello left over from when I was last here two years ago. I brushed off the cobwebs and started to wander around Villa Kompass Rose painting vignettes using only a brush and my paints.

It is all so beautiful!
Carved wooden doors at the entrance and "pohon tua mangga" (old mango tree).
The full dragon moon of June 4 standing in the garden.
The two koi that live in the pond between the garden and the living space. They are shy and scurry away when we come close. I call them "The Twins". Maria, our housekeeper, calls them "ikan gemuck"—"the fish are fat".
Sign at entrance and compass rose design in marble.

My three more weeks in Bali will fly by. Too busy to sketch much—excuses excuses!!!


SleepyTiki said...

I love Bali and your paintings! Thanks for inspiring.

Mary Walker Designs said...

Lovely you've really set the tone with these.

Margie said...

the koi are beautiful

Sharon said...

Enjoy your time.

Lynn said...

Great sketches which really capture a sense of place. i love the fat fish.