Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Daily Sketches 2015—EDM prompt #15 Draw a tree

"Daily Sketches—2015"
Arizona sunset last night from the back yard. It is hard to keep up with daily drawings with all that is going on with my mom and her new home. I do manage to get something on paper most days, but much of the time they are rushed and just terrible. At these times I take a moment and knit. We are all in this project together as we knit dog blankets for charity with all the leftover yarn from years and generations of family knitting. Knit one, purl two, breathe and then I will sketch.
Every Day Matters—#15 Draw a tree or trees


Anonymous said...

Your sketches are wonderful. I hope that your Mom's move to her new place goes as smoothly as can be and know it's not easy on you. I have taken knitting up again after many years and it has been very meditative for me, despite the dropped stitches!

Ackerley Nelson said...

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