Monday, November 10, 2014

For the love of Henri Matisse

Somewhere in our teens my friend Judi and I took art classes outside of school. Our eccentric and creative teacher encouraged us to be free, creative and brave with our art. She also had us choose an artist, study their work and learn. There was no internet then, so I wonder at that very young age how I discovered and chose Henri Matisse—curious. So began my love of Henri Matisse and of course, The Beatles.
As I found myself once again drawing and painting with paper cutouts I thought of my lifelong favorite artist, hauled out all my Matisse books and sketched him. 
Thank you Henri Matisse for being a part of my creative life...and you also Jude.


Suma CM said...

Jen, you have to come see the Matisse cut-outs exhibit at MoMA before it closes....!

ArtistLady said...

I love this sketch! Had been thinking of Matisse after seeing your collages and several other blogs or galleries featuring paper cut-outs. :-)

owen swain said...

Beautiful. I recently watched a touching and very inspiring art documentary on his life. Found it on Youtube.