Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Camino di Santiago-Day 1

After 24 hours we made it to Biarritz France. A lovely seaside town with great vistas, shops and cafés. We sat in the garden of the hotel and I sketched this view then off we went in search of a cafe for dinner.

Found one!!! The most delicious dinner at Cafe Jean.

"Art Abandonment". Quickly sketched while having a cafe au lait and then left on the table.

This guy was serving weary travelers cafe con leche at the bus station in Bilbao Spain. 


Anonymous said...

Oo.. I am soo glad to see you are posting from your trip. Looking forward to each day !

Unknown said...

Love this! Wish I was your server at the cafe and found the art left on the table! Looking forward to your posts during the trip.

Tascarini said...

Adore these portrait sketches. How quickly do you sketch them, and what size are they? I would love to see me in your style too. :) Thank you for posting them.

Elsbeth McLeod said...

I love the "abandoned art" idea, I'm inspired to do the same here and there! your work is so emotive, and skilled...thanks so much for sharing your journey! A Sketchbook Skool student linked us to your blog, I love it!