Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting back into sketching

After 5+ months of producing oil paintings for the show, I haven't had much energy to pick up a brush...or even a pen. Finally I was able to sketch a few fall bouquets along with a friends kitchen when we visited beautiful Georgetown Maine.


Lynn said...

I think your oil paintings are wonderful, but I truly adore your simple watercolor sketches. These flowers are lovely.

Susan said...

Luminous, graceful,and full of life!

Melliott said...

I have missed your sketches! These are great.

Matthias Talmeier - Art Journaling said...

Hello Jennifer, this is the first time, that I leave a comment onyour blog, but - to be honest:
I watch your blog since "decades" :-) and like Lynn & Melliott & Susan, I really adore your lively & fresh "watercolor sketches". I can understand it, it's very attractive to learn new technics. I startet in with watercolors in my younger days, and 2013 I startet to learn pastel... but:
I always return to watercolor-sketches :-)

Best wishes
from Germany)

Sherri Jones said...

LOL! I decided to finally comment to tell you how much I adored, and missed, your fresh, lively, colorful, and happy watercolor sketches only to see that others had already shared the same sentiment. I too understand the yearning to grow artistically and try new mediums but I have to say that you are gifted in this regard. Thanks for sharing your work.