Friday, December 7, 2012

More dogs for Christmas

These two cute dogs were rescued and now live in a loving home. A Christmas gift from a mother to her daughter who rescued them.


Susan said...

Love this. Great capture.

Hani Hani said...

All your paintings are really attractive. I never fed up with looking at your work.Fun,fun,fun!
I feel your passsion.
I always think paintings should have passion to make people happy.If the paintings is only showing off their skill, it would be boring stuff soon. Your have skill and heart. Thank you for sharing.

miriam said...

your painting are very good.. quite a while ago you posted that you made some kunir asem.. how did that turn out?'
do you have a recipe?
would you share? I was just in Indonesia and had that for breakfast and I thought it was a
great way to get turmeric each day.

Melliott said...

This is great, love the expression in the left-hand dog's eyes especially. I'm so used to your watercolor style that this is quite a departure. Might be fun one day when you have no other subject matter to repeat this painting in your loose and splashy method too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
I don't have your current address, so I thought I would contact you on your blog and wish you a Merry Christmas!! Hope life is treating you well. Jan Fairchild
Your watercolors are amazing, such a talent.

Suma CM said...

Love love love - and you *know* I'm not a big dog person. :) Such personality in these paintings!