Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Early October sketches

Dip pen, ink and watercolor
Spring Point Lighthouse in South Portland sits across the harbor from Portland. This was just before sunset on a cool clear evening.

My hands—Sepia Pitt Pen and watercolor

Practice, practice, practice—a quick wash on the paper and then drawing my hands. 

pen, brush pen and watercolor
A very rainy weekend visiting with friends up the coast in beautiful Georgetown, Maine.  After we managed an 8 mile walk between the downpours we time spent in front of the fire, talking, doing a jigsaw puzzle and reading. I spent time sketching and watching the seagulls as they bathed in their favorite tidepool. My friend Elizabeth is beside herself that the gulls have taken over a particular tidepool that the kids like to play in. I don't think she will win this one...

Pencil, watercolor and colored pencil
I enjoy living amongst the seagulls. I am awakened by their loud cries as they circle the lobster boats heading out of the harbor in the morning. I watch them as they perch on the roof tops looking around planning their next wily seagull moves, I'm fascinated by the precarious places the make nests and raise the chicks and often we stare at one another when they land on the skylight.

Staedler pen, Pentel brush pen and watercolor
I always enjoy doing portraits. This one done while talking on Skype.


Thum said...

Hi Jennifer,

I really like your style of your sketching and painting. I enjoyed viewing your blog. Each of your painting are beautiful and creative. Cheer

Ethna said...

16Dear Jennifer
Thankyou for posting your lovely work for us all to see and be inspired by.
These ones are very special as were your sunsets.
Ethna...a long-time admirer from Sydney Australia

Barbara Weeks said...

I love your use of various pens and ink and the way you combine it watercolor.

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

As always, lovely stuff!

Lyn said...

Just finished a Charles Reid Workshop, and I did a bad job on my hands in an otherwise acceptable figure painting. He suggested I practice with my own hands. He said the work he did in his books showing brush strokes by painting his hands really helped him.......hmmmm like he needs it!!!
Anyway I loved your hands and will get busy practicing!!!!

Sharon said...

Love the gulls. You captured their softness.

Stefano said...

wonderful sketches. Rally admirable. I love your style!

Dan Kent said...

These are all excellent - but I really love the lighthouse, the rocks and the sailboat - batik-like.