Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beautiful September days

Dip pen, brush pen and watercolor

My good friend Patti and I took a 10 mile walk along the bluffs and beaches in Scarborough Maine. At the end of Scarborough Beach (the 5 mile halfway point) was this wonderful found object beach sculpture shack.
Dip pen, ink and watercolor

Another evening of sunset watching/sketching. I clearly do not enjoy the quickly changing beauty as much as the rest of the people that are just watching—I'm painting as fast as I can. Trying to keep up with the changes in light and color, realizing the paint is too wet and blending together and then, oh my god it has set! After the sun is gone and it is getting dark, I sometimes reflect...did I really see it?


. said...

I love that first picture, its so happy and such a great picture of the sea and beach and all that wonderful things that are related to it.. It just makes me smile {and miss the beach and ocean}, love it!!!!

Linda Brightwingsofsummer said...

love your lovely loose watercolours! I am so inspired to try one of our bright pink sunsets :-)