Saturday, August 25, 2012


Walt Disney created EPCOT the "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow". We sketched at Epcot on day 1 and day 6. 

 Morroco Pavillion at Epcot—dip pen and watercolor.

China Pavillion—colored pencil.

China Pavillion—ink and watercolor

It's exhausting going to Disney. I know exactly how this guy felt.


Melliott said...

Great drawings--love the difficult perspective on the sleepy guy. Do you know, I never knew that EPCOT was an acronym--i just figured it was somebody's family name who donated $$ or something. Thanks for the info!

Joan said...

I can't imagine drawing, painting, sketching under such time restraints. I nearly have a nervous breakdown during a workshop over a 2 day period! I'd be frozen if I had to do it under the conditions you describe. I love the drawings/thumbnails you've shown us here. WOW! Very impressive.

Margaret Ann said...

I love every single one of these...every single one!!!!!

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This is what I'm always waiting for. Doodling. Your doodles are so great! it really make me smile. Awesome!