Sunday, May 8, 2011

Every Day in May—EDM #108 light bulb & EDM # 109 a clock around the house

Busy day tomorrow with travel to my consulting job in Maryland, so I had to get a day ahead. Keeping up with this challenge can be a little overwhelming.

EDM #109 a clock around the house
I actually did this sketch on the last day of my California visit. Sitting in the kitchen, while my mother fixed dinner, I sketched and painted this clock that hangs in my parent's rustic California ranch house between the open kitchen and living room. It's been there forever.
This old clock, that needs to be wound with a key, was a major part of our lives as we checked it all day long. Like making sure it was true when we were told "it is way past your bedtime", or when we had to dash to catch the bus and when our favorite TV shows were on. It's most important function now is to let everyone know when Jeopardy is on and the 10 to 15 minute window to get the glass of wine ready.
What fine wine does my father drink while watching Jeopardy?
What is Two Buck Chuck!

EDM #108— a light bulb
Some of these challenges are hard to make interesting.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Sorry you've had such a rough time in the beginning of this year. Hope the downtime with your parents will keep your spirits up as you get back to stress of travel. Your sketches look great. Stay 'crow' strong. Ambal

lyn said...

Every day is a challenge alright! I had a lightbulb finished but couldn't quite get it posted last night after a weekend Art show and sale! Your drawings are great, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your back:) your workis wonderful and glad to see your wonderfuldrawings look forward to them so.
Have a wonderful peaceful day,