Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Studying my feral cat

We have become sort of buddies because I have the Friskies. I sat on the steps sketching him while he wandered around checking things out, cleaning his foot and then settling in the crouch position waiting for a snack. He got leftover ayam goreng (fried chicken). I even washed all the spicy sambal off of it for him. Then again, being an Indonesian cat maybe he likes spicy food?


Linda T said...

Great sketches and use of limited color. The dog in the chair is good too, and funny.

Sandy said...

cute little guy, he will miss you!

john.p said...

You have the nack for capturing the facial expressions for such quick sketches. The 'I'm content with life' look in the lower right, the 'cat on hot tin roof' look in upper left. Love the toes spreading as he cleans his feet, just as they do. Same goes for the face on the relaxed dog in the chair.