Monday, December 8, 2008


A contour drawing of a young girl waiting for a ride home. I added the watercolor when I got home.

Most people in Bali drive motorbikes. After two months of thinking they were all crazy, we bought one. I spent many hours studying every model of bike and scooter on the road. We thought we might like a vintage Vespa, but they sound like a lawnmower in need of a tune-up. We ended up with a Piaggio Fly—sooooooooo cool!


Rachel H said...

You've captured her 'waiting' expression beautifully there in so few lines - great sketch!

africantapestry said...

A great sketch...she almost looks impatient, or myabe it is beacsue I hate waiting...! So did you need to go for a motorbike licence there?

Sandy said...

Oh Good Lord wear a helmet - the driving sounds crazy!! Great sketch and now we expect a sketch of your scooter!!