Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill (notice the large red bill) is one of the birds that live across the street at the Kalimantan. A restaurant owned by an expat from Denver Colorado, named Bob, who has lived in bali for 18 years. We frequent his place for quick meals and some good old American political discussions. CNN is usually on thee TV at the bar, unless Bob is away and the girls are in charge and then it is Indonesian soap operas. A local watering hole with an very eclectic menu. He serves a Wyoming breakfast and many other American classics along with Mexican and Indonesian food. They are all helping us learn to speak Indonesian.


Kim Saxe said...

Hi Jennifer,

I've really been enjoying your Bali posts. Thanks for taking the time to upload the postings; it must be very frustrating.

I had to chuckle when I saw Mr. Bill. I painted a paper mache version of him in our favorite Mexican Restaurant a couple of nights ago. I like the live one better! :)

You can check it out if you feel like it:
Scroll down to the 2nd photo!

Maybe I should call mine "Mrs. Bill."


BMoon said...

GORGEOUS painting, just love the two-tone background.

Trish said...

I eagerly await your posts from Bali and they never disappoint me. How did the jamu taste? and did you have any reaction to it? How about the Moleskine watercolor journals? Or is that what you are using?

Alison said...

You're going to have such a wonderful collection of exotic images. I hope you're backing up the text in case the blog goes awol as sometimes happens

A Brush with Color said...

Mr Bill is classic! Excellent!