Sunday, August 10, 2008

Island Sketch Book—mid week

After a beautiful sunny day at Frenchboro we watched the sunset over Swans Island. We hiked along the most amazing coastline, collected smooth round rocks, had dinner on deck, saw stars and constellations that you can only see in such a remote location and watched the Bioluminescene in the water (which, I also found, you can see at night in the toilet when pumping/flushing).

On our way to Isle Au Haut we passed through Merchants Row with Mount Desert Island is in the background.
Passing by Flake Island and Mark Island on our way from a night at Isle Au Haut. We took the dingy into to town to stock up at the general store. Sarah and I then hiked and bushwhacked our way across the island back to the boat. Found more rocks for my island rock collection.

We spent the night in Winter Harbor on Vinalhaven. A protected harbor where we rafted up with friends and had a wonderful meal with lots of "wine in a box". We awakened to a very rainy morning...
Passing through the Fox Island Thorofare to stop in the town of North Haven. We all looked out at the skies and decided to stay on the boat instead of climbing into a wet dingy in the pouring rain. The hell with North Haven!


Arty Velarde said...

your vacation sketches are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!

thanks for sharing them

Teresa said...

Hi Jennifer,

I've been a subscriber to your blog for a few weeks now but haven't commented - until today. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your beautiful,fresh, artwork. We vacationed in Maine last fall (Maine was close to the top of my "places to see before I die list") and, predictably, loved it. I so much enjoy hearing the names of the places we visited... brings back a lot of good memories. Keep up the good work!